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GWT-PF, GWT Pleso Framework

GWT Pleso framework

GWT Pleso Framework is a high-level framework based on GWT for creating visual AJAX database front-end user interfaces


pleso odb-ui prototype

ODB-UI prototype

A prototype of user interface for object or semantic databases

About project


Site is a  project open to all; it is dedicated to the following:

  • developing with GWT (Google Web Toolkit) - a framework under free and open source Apache 2.0 license - which helps develop hi-level AJAX web applications using only Java. It allows you to code and debug application as usual and only later you compile project to JavaScript;
  • satellite technologies, that are used together with GWT in order to create complex solutions - iBATIS and Hibernate (DB back-end), Jasper Reports, Spring (application framework) and others;
  • open-source projects based on GWT, and our GWT-PF project (GWT Pleso Framework) - the framework for creating user interfaces in database projects - its abilities, how-to's and developing process.


If you have thoughts, ideas or questions - we are open to talk - write us or leave your comments below. 


In a case you are interested in professional consulting or developing on GWT technologies - contract team directly. logo


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