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GWT-PF, GWT Pleso Framework

GWT Pleso framework

GWT Pleso Framework is a high-level framework based on GWT for creating visual AJAX database front-end user interfaces


pleso odb-ui prototype

ODB-UI prototype

A prototype of user interface for object or semantic databases

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Google Web Toolkit 2.0 with Speed Tracer

Posted by: Oleksandr Pryymak - 09.12.2009, 21:02

Time for a new improvements come - meet a brand new GWT 2.0. Hopefully they didn't break a lot in its API.

GWT-PF on MySQL & Netbeans

Posted by: Oleksandr Pryymak - 15.07.2009, 23:21
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OzTech published the manual how to adopt GWT-PF demo to Neatbeans project (instead of originally Eclipse project) and run it over MySQL database.

User web-interface for semantic data - the second round

Posted by: Oleksandr Pryymak - 16.10.2008, 02:48
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We have launched our future vision for semantic interface a year ago for public at "OpenSource Conference Ukraine - 2007" (October 27, 2007, our short blog post about). How far we have moved ahead and what we have done so far? Short demo-video of our latest prototype worth more than a thousand words.

Demo of vector graphics in browser on GWT+Dojo

Posted by: Nazar Leush - 03.04.2008, 01:42
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GWT Dojo draw demoWe received a few requests to share experience of using vector graphics in the interface. This is quiet simple task, so as example we publishing little demo. It has documented code and developed on GWT using Dojo library to maintain SVG (VML) graphics.

New screenshots of projects, created with GWT-PF

Posted by: Andrij Skaljuk - 27.03.2008, 14:09

proco projectNew screenshots of commercial projects created with GWT-PF presented in gallery. GWT-PF, itself, have been appreciably improved - now user interface could be customized more flexible. Those features together with new visual components will appear in the next version of framework after some code refactor for public release.

Eclipse hotkeys

Posted by: Nazar Leush - 24.03.2008, 22:52
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eclipse logo

Using hotkeys in Eclipse significant improves developers' performance. This article is a short tutorial about main Eclipse functions and their hotkeys. This can help beginners to become experienced Eclipse user faster.



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