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GWT Pleso framework

GWT Pleso Framework is a high-level framework based on GWT for creating visual AJAX database front-end user interfaces


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ODB-UI prototype

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Demo of vector graphics in browser on GWT+Dojo

Posted by: Nazar Leush - 03.04.2008, 01:42
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GWT Dojo draw demoWe received a few requests to share experience of using vector graphics in the interface. This is quiet simple task, so as example we publishing little demo. It has documented code and developed on GWT using Dojo library to maintain SVG (VML) graphics.




First of all look at the demo:


In sources you can find:

  • inclusion of dojo.js;
  • creating gfx surface on the page;
  • base classes for working with DojoX entities (gfx, shape, color, stroke);
  • example of wrapper for circle shape;
  • comments on classes and their members;
  • demonstative usage of designed classes - animated colored circles.

If you are interested - download project archive for Eclipse. For correct work with project under Eclipse you need to configure variable GWT_HOME as described in our previous publication.


Demo in action

GWT Dojo draw demo

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Comments: 3
Richard  - 22.07.2008, 18:50:

Awesome work! It only took a little bit of hacking to integrate into an existing project. Two questions though - I can't get the SVG working under hosted mode - is this expected? Also - under what license is this code distributed?

Nazar (  - 22.07.2008, 19:12:

It just small show case. Fill free to use in under BSD license. But we will be appreciative if you leave a link to us.

SVG should work in hosted mode. It could be problems with you hosted mode browser settings. As a fix - try to update Dojo.

Richard (http://fictionpuss.livejo...)  - 25.07.2008, 04:32:

Hi - thanks for the quick response! It may be a 'small' showcase but it does make it really easy to add SVG/VML elements to GWT, which I wouldn't have been able to do otherwise. BSD is great, and I'll give you a link when I have the code online. With regards the bug, I think it is to do with the 'canvas' element not being supported in Hosted Mode under Linux - (gecko 1.7 engine).