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GWT-PF, GWT Pleso Framework

GWT Pleso framework

GWT Pleso Framework is a high-level framework based on GWT for creating visual AJAX database front-end user interfaces


pleso odb-ui prototype

ODB-UI prototype

A prototype of user interface for object or semantic databases

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User web-interface for semantic data - the second round

Posted by: Oleksandr Pryymak - 16.10.2008, 02:48
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We have launched our future vision for semantic interface a year ago for public at "OpenSource Conference Ukraine - 2007" (October 27, 2007, our short blog post about). How far we have moved ahead and what we have done so far? Short demo-video of our latest prototype worth more than a thousand words.

We have made this prototype during spring 2008 and going to enter second round for final product.

(no sound - just showcase)

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