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GWT-PF, GWT Pleso Framework

GWT Pleso framework

GWT Pleso Framework is a high-level framework based on GWT for creating visual AJAX database front-end user interfaces


pleso odb-ui prototype

ODB-UI prototype

A prototype of user interface for object or semantic databases

ODB-UI prototype Demo


Follow the link to view demo:  Check out little usage help below.


This demo reflects our ideas in creating visual web interface to work with semantic data. It's still prototype, that misses a lot of functions and made to show a way of possible UI implementation.


This is static demo, no server-backend yet. It's build using GWT (sure, could we have published something else on this site?), but we've used also Dojo GFX to draw connections between nodes. It's little tricky part - it uses vector graphics: SVG for Firefox, Safari and VML for InternetExplorer.


Tested on Firefox 2+, IE6+. 

odb-ui help

Little help usage

  1. Usual node - first row - title, in middle - toolbar and body text below 
  2. Toolbar - edit node, delete node and create tool (usage example below)
  3. Folded node - to fold/unfold node press on icon in title
  4. Node in edit mode - you could change it's title and body
  5. Toolbar in edit mode - you could save or cancel changes you have made
  6. Connection toolbar - it shows, when you mouse pointer over a middle of connection, you could delete connection or change it's colour

 odbui how to use create tool

How to create new nodes and connections

Drag-n-drop odb-ui create icon icon to create new connections or nodes. If you'll release mouse button on spare place - a new node will be created there, if you'll release on existing node - would be created a new connection between nodes


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