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GWT-PF, GWT Pleso Framework

GWT Pleso framework

GWT Pleso Framework is a high-level framework based on GWT for creating visual AJAX database front-end user interfaces


pleso odb-ui prototype

ODB-UI prototype

A prototype of user interface for object or semantic databases

About ODB-UI prototype


odb-ui prototype We've been working a lot with relation databases and solutions on it. Actually that's why we do feel well how limited they are - with all technological basis unchanged over 25 years. Same data representation in rows and columns survive during couple generation of software architectures. It's impose constraints on vast variety of tasks, that could be solved just by changing underlaying data presentation.


The way out is quite clear for us - we agree with W3C conclusions around Semantic Web technologies as new level of data presentation. RDF/OWL standards are major step ahead, that could help us improve abstraction level from raw data to knowledge manipulation.


After being involved for a while into studying knowledge management and multi-agent technologies, we've been pushed to make over own steps towards. This is a prototype user interface to manage semantic data, that was developed during August-October 2007. It was launched for public at "OpenSource Conference Ukraine - 2007" as our future vision for semantic interface in addition to main topic of presentation - GWT-PF. (October 27, 2007, our short blog post about).



Take a look on:


Comments: 4
Julien  - 04.09.2008, 21:13:


Great job!

Do you plan to release this?


pablog  - 15.04.2009, 20:12:

Can I get the source code ??

Oleksandr Pryymak (  - 16.04.2009, 10:47:

we have released next version. You could find it on:

demo & docs would be recovered in couple of days

pablog  - 16.04.2009, 21:33:

we want to use odb-ui in our app. I put odbui into a panel , when deployed the app , we can create CustomNodes , but , when we tried to connects the nodes , never show the lines. Here is an extract of the source

if you see , we put odbui , in the layout.

    layoutPanel.setLayout(new BorderLayout());
    PanScrollPanel sp = new PanScrollPanel();
    DOM.setStyleAttribute(sp.getElement(), "position", "absolute");

    FlowPanel gfx_root = new FlowPanel();


    FlowPanel popup_root = new FlowPanel();

    DefaultGFX.setInstsnce(new GFX(gfx_root));

    new PanNavigator(new AbsolutePanel(), ConnectableCollection
            .getInstance(), sp, DefaultGFX.getInstsnce(), 150);